Sound & light show pyramids

Have you ever wondered how life was for thousands of years? These ideas inspired the artists to take you there, briefly, through the establishment of sound and light show., And imagine the power of the rule of the ancient Egyptians. Artists masterfully create a great deal that can bring you in all eras of history. You will enjoy a one-hour sound and light show near the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Sphinx novel about the effects of one of the oldest mysteries of the world. Like visiting the pyramids in the 21st century, after thousands of years, how built, and how it continued through the generations, these high-rise buildings, and also attests to the human spirit of the great invented. 
The Cheops, which touches the sky and shorten it by the yard and near the carved structures deposited the Khufu boats made ​​of wood to reflect the late king's way to the eternal. And the pyramid of Khafre, who took into account as much as his father and started without the Great Pyramid 's height and width, and a rise, and we read the face of Khafre, carved on a page of green diorite stone full of " life as if his hands shake manufacturer Nfdha yesterday." Then came the Menkaure Pyramid Vhid third and Menkaure made ​​his name and took his father for his humility and patronized came pyramid of pyramids without the others, and told us during the period of the great stories of these kings and their captives and their myths and secrets about the distant past.