Golf Holidays

Ever think of taking a trip to Egypt, but never really had a reason to? Why not take your next golf holiday there? Yes, golf! Golf is a growing sport in this ancient country. With sightseeing, shopping, and plenty of activities, you can bring the whole family!
Most golf courses around the world have beautiful scenery. You will often see photos of mountains, oceans, and beautiful rock cliffs, but how often do you see photos of golfers next to pyramids? Golfing in Egypt is truly a unique experience.
After you golf until your heart’s content, visit the surrounding historical monuments such as the mountain in which Moses passed down the Ten Commandments. Or maybe you are very athletic and want to go scuba diving. Dive through some of the most beautiful reefs in the world.

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Golfing Courses by City

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Maritim Jolie Ville Golf & Resort (Sharm El Sheikh)